24 February 2005

Teaching-fun-adventure-tourism and of course generosity

Teaching Posted by Hello One more great example of generosity comes from Tikarani Shailja Kumari, born the eldest daughter of the house of Sailana. She is a Graduate in Econonic Honors from St.Xavers Ahmedabad. She is a Director of Kangra Hotels Pvt.Ltd and also runs a Primary School in Dharamsala " Happy Hours Public School ". She started an educational program where volenteers from U.K come to the villages in Kangra and teach English and related subjects to the children studing in the under previleged school's for free [ Africa And Asia Ventures ]. She is the Daughter-in-Law of Raja Aditya Dev Chand Katoch of Kangra and Rani Chandresh Kumari, who is also a member of Himachal Legislative assembly, who also held earlier the post of President Indian Mahila(women) Congress as well as many ministries in State government.Tikaraj Aishwarya Katoch, Tikarani Shailja Kumari's husband also is very much involved in youth activities and he arranges the Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch Memorial Cricket Series in JaisinghPur area every year.


Blogger Pankaj said...

One the most important things which we can give back to our mother land is education. I don't have too many dreams but one of them is I will take up teaching in HP when I retire or may be sooner (depending on the resources I have). If we need leaders from Himachal we need to strengthen the education system there. Basically people need guidance and nothing else. Creation of awareness through education can do wonders to people. Opening schools upto higher secondary, maintaining good quality of education in the schools, giving scholarships are some of the key areas of my dream. I don't know but I feel that this is the best I can do. I know a lot of people can do it. Those who love our land our Himachal!! Jai Hind

2/24/2005 11:06:00 PM  

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