19 February 2005


PRIA Posted by Hello NGO 'PRIA' is also actively involved in Himachal. PRIA PRIA is a civil society organisation, that undertakes development initiatives to positively impact the lives of the poor, marginalised and excluded sections of society, by encouraging and enabling their participation in the processes of their governance. It strives for achievement of equity and justice, through a people centred approach, focusing on 'Citizens' - 'their participation and inclusion', 'awareness and empowerment' and 'their democratic rights'. PRIA recognises the value of people's knowledge, challenges traditional myths and concepts, raises awareness of people's rights and promotes experiential learning. It applies a multi- dimensional strategic approach to creating knowledge,training and capacity building of stakeholders, public education and policy advocacy and intervenes at various levels of the demand and supply segments, to reach out locally, nationally and globally. Operating under two broad themes, 'Reforming Governing Institutions' and 'Civil Society building', PRIA's people centered interventions aim at promoting active participation of the poor and marginalised in the effective utilisation of resources through local governance. It engages itself in strengthening of Panchayati Raj Institutions and municipalities, promoting environmental and occupational health, facilitating a strong network of civil society organisations, promoting citizen leadership and in monitoring policies and programmes of bilateral, multilateral and government agencies, to achieve an agenda of 'Governance Where People Matter'. PRIA proactively involves and engages a range of stakeholders including academia, media, donors, civil society organisations, trade unions, private business and government agencies in its efforts and provides a platform for a multi-stakeholder development approach.


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