22 November 2005


Recently on our internet group of People for Himachal and its Causes", Payson Stevens, who is also a great friend of Himachal as well as Friend of GHNP, introduced Ben Heron to all of us.

Ben works for SEHYOG. Here is a small intoduction of SEHYOG from their website:

The Two Branches of Sehyog's Work: The work of Sehyog Research Group can be split into two different areas; 'research and demonstration' in Deushar, and 'extension' work with other local projects and organisations:

1. The foundation of the project is to apply and increase our own knowledge of sustainable agriculture, medicinal plants and appropriate technology through research and demonstration at the Sehyog headquarters in Deushar. By implementing locally applicable sustainable practices ourselves, we aim to create an environment in which we can learn from our own practical experience as well as provide an example that others can follow and learn from.

2. Extension and Wider Implementation with other NGOs: The second branch of the project is to work together with other local NGOs and ethical businesses to encourage the adoption of appropriate, ecologically sustainable living and livelihood practices on a wider scale. Our role is to organise training, disseminate information and facilitate the implementation of sustainable practices and income-generating activities that relate to the above mentioned areas of work. This process is already underway and is being carried out through the informal 'Sehyog Extension Group'.

On Sehyog's website I found many other NGO links also who are working in the smaller areas and making a change. I am listing all of them one by one with smaller intrductions from their websites, I wish all of you visit their websites and contribute in every possible way.

Please visit SEHYOG


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