30 September 2005

Tibetans in Himachal

Since our childhoods we all from Himachal have seen various Tibetan monasteries growing that it always fascinated me. Once I came to US and saw many of Richard Gere and Steven Seagal movies and when I came to know that not only Gere and Seagal are working for Tibetans but also for India, they are so true and dear friends of India. Gere is so much involved in AIDS activities. Well my point is that not only these two personalities or Goldie Hawn's love for Tibetans as well as for our dear state and then the spirituality of Dalai Lama and his teachings as well seeing their system of preserving the ages old culture which is one of us, which in fact came from Hinduism, it has made me more and more attracted to Buddhism.

So many times I think that they have all the major institutes near to my town and Dalai Lama also stays near by, why we Himachalis don't go study and find out about their culture and system.

There is so much to learn from Tibetans, that's why I thought for future reference as and when I get time why not to compile a library sort of their various places in Himachal. That's why all this listing of their contact details.

Sherbling moastry---

Very near to my place, a small village called Bhattu, where this major Buddhist university has come up. Very small beautiful place nestled in between hills, full of our nomad people. Most of whom are out almost all the year grazing their sheep's. Our own Nomad, Gaddis have a very strong local village God system, which is still functional.Their lives almost virtually are run by Village Gods. New generation is going away from being nomad but I think their respect wont change for the system.

But then Buddhism is one of us, they believe in the spiritual powers, so do we, their mysticism runs their lives so does our. On this path I want to explore all the similarities we may have. I hope God would give me some time in my life to venture into this direction some day.

Sherab Ling,

P.O. Bhattu,


Distt. Kangra,

Himachal Pradesh,








29 September 2005

Two HP places on TIME magazine BEST OF ASIA

Two places from Himachal made this year to TIME magazine's "BEST OF ASIA" destinations.

for Literary Excursion-KASAULI


Para gliding-world cup selection tour 2005


Indian Open

2005 Himalayan Open Cup Event classification: Second Category Event

Place: Bir-Billing, Kangra (India)

Dates: 14/10/2005 - 20/10/2005

Disciplines / Task Styles : Cross Country

Event Organiser :

Organiser : Himachal Pradesh Aero Sports Association

Contact Person : Dr S.P.Katyal

Address : H.P. Aero Sports Association dep. of Tourism & Civil Aviation, SDA Complex Kasumpti, Shimla 171009 India

Email : hpaero@rediffmail.com or hpaero@yahoo.com

Telephone : +91 177 262 3959 or mob. +91 94181 53052

Fax : +91 177 262 39 59

FAI Member in the country :

Organisation : AERO CLUB OF INDIA

Address : Safdarjung Airport Aurobindo Marg NEW DELHI 110 003 India

Email : aeroclubofindia@rediffmail.com or aeroclubofindia@hotmail.com

Website : http://www.aeroclubofindia.org

Telephone : +91 (11) 2462 13 41 / +91 (11) 2462 01 91

Fax : +91 11 246 28 727

Mountain biking in Himachal

The first ever mountain biking event is being organized in Himachal. This is a 8 days event with total distance of 680 kms.(around 500 miles) with 10,000 meters of climbing. For so many years so many people have cruised Himachal on their bikes and this is first time where they can prove officially.

The event runs between October 6th and 12th and all the details are available on their website.

Times of India article!

SHIMLA: Top mountain bikers will pedal their way through the steep and winding hill roads of Himachal Pradesh when they take part in the state's first international biking rally starting on Thursday. "The first Hercules MTB mountain biking rally will be flagged off from Shimla early on Thursday and, after covering a distance of nearly 500 km, will end eight days later in the resort town of Manali", said Mohit Sood, president of the Himalayan Adventure Sports & Tourism Promotion Association (HASTPA). Hercules MTB Himachal 2005 is being organised by HASTPA in association with the state department of tourism and civil aviation. Chennai based cycle manufacturer Hercules Cycles is sponsoring the meet. Besides Indian participants, several bikers from Europe, North America and other Asian countries are also taking part... ..."Sixty bikers have confirmed their participation, including 28 foreigners. Warren Lewis of Belgium and Carla Coolberg of the US are some of the best known names in mountain biking in the world, who are taking part', Sood said. Organisers say ‘Transworld Sports’ will telecast the rally in 140 countries. The organisers, who plan to make the rally an annual event, say the rally will put Himachal on the world map of mountain biking, a well-known adventure sport in Europe and North America. "Himachal has taken a lead in this sport as it has done in the promotion of other adventure sports like paragliding, river rafting, heli-skiing and motor rallying, Sood added.

28 September 2005


27 September 2005

Heritage train!

Enjoy nature in the toy train between Kalka and Shimla before the chartered luxury train on the Kalka- Shimla rail section is introduced.—A Tribune photograph

21 September 2005

Potters Hill resort

Located at an altitude of 2050 mtrs, about 5 Kms west of Shimla, Camp Potters Hill covers 100 Hectares of prime Western Himalayan Forest. The Hill once used by Potters to obtain clay has now been developed into a Luxury Camping Resort that is one of its kind in the Country. Surroundings of Camp Potters Hill is abound with beautiful flora and fauna, offering ample opportunities to Naturalists, Trekkers, Painters and Bird watchers to try out their favourite adventure activity over here. All Season Retreat… Camp Potters Hill is a twelve-month destination. In springs, the place blossoms with Rhododendrons, while summers still have bonfire at night. In autumn, nature prepares for the cold & the site turns honey yellow, while in winters, you can see and touch snow. Camp Potters Hill Van Vihar, Summer Hill, Shimla - 171005. Phone: (0177) 5536501, 5536196 Hand Phone: 094180 65001 Fax: (0177) 2654774 E-mail: vibha@pottershill.com , ajit@camppottershill.com

09 September 2005

Temple websites of Himachal


Hanogi Mata Temple

http://www.hanogimatatrust.org Also they have a detailed description about all the sacred places in Himachal. http://www.hanogimatatrust.org/Other_Temples.php

Baba Balak Nath temple website!


Maa Naina Devi Temple


08 September 2005

Himalayan Ski Village

Himalayan Ski Village will offer a major tourism destination that showcases the incredible Indian Himalayan experience. The beauty and mystic of these mountains are unequalled in the world and the state of Himachal Pradesh is blessed with one of the most peaceful and safe social climates in South Asia. By providing a fully designed mountain resort village, of international standards, Himalayan Ski Village opens these heavenly mountains to the skiing and winter sports enthusiasts for the first time. Not only summer and winter sports facilities, but world class hotels, villas, restaurants and shops will satisfy the needs of the guests, at every level. The village area will cover 200 acres, along with ski slopes and lifts systems covering more than 5,000 acres. The slopes will reach as high as 13,500 and descend to the Ski Village at 8,500 above sea level. The slopes in this area have been popular with the helisking crowd for a decade and was listed as one of the top 20 best ski areas in the world by British Airways High Life magazine. Beside ski facilities, all manner of winter sports and summer adventure will be offered, including cross country trails, ice skating, sledding, yak sleigh rides, entertainment and cultural programs. Although visitors will be substantially drawn from the upper and middle economic class of the cities in northern India, international visitors from Europe, Japan, and the rest of Southeast Asia will also be a significant factor. The flavor of the Himalayan Ski Village will be clearly Himalayan architecture, while having the infrastructures and luxuries expected by this affluent clientel. Several international hotel chains will be offering star facilities, while quality guesthouses offering more affordable pricing, will also be available, in order to satisfy all market tiers. Villas will be offered for both fractional and full ownership, as well. Development will commence in summer of 2005 and the first guest will be welcomed in the winter of 2008-9. http://www.indianexpress.com/full_story.php?content_id=76674

07 September 2005

Hidimba Devi temple in Manali

06 September 2005

Melting glaciers may spell doom

Tino glacier that has receded by 2 km from the Bhaga river in the Lahaul valley. A very genuine threat to Himachal environment which would eventually completely turn a doomsday for Northern India. When my parents built their home back in 80s, we hardly use to run our ceiling fan during summers. Nowadays they have a cooler which runs even all night long. The local Binwa river use to be totally full during peak summers then and I remember sneaking out from school/home with my pals for an afternoon swim during summers and there use to be so many deep places for nice swimming and last time I visited there I just saw more rocks/stones in the river as compare to water. Weather is unpredictable and most of the lakes are drying every year. Beas river has many smaller rivers flowing to it from different parts of Himachal, one from my paternal Aunt's home, Haroti river, we use to swim during summers in that river nowadays I shot a video of just rocks left in the river, a lady was washing her clothes in little left water. If you ask any Himachali they would reciprocate my words. Temperature has changed and more and more natural disasters are happening. Reason is of course global warming, too many pucca houses, many with tin roofs, population growth, vehicle growth and of course every kind of pollution growth. Back in Himachal we have huge power generation capabilities, but if you see the tribune article you would notice the glaciers feeding various rivers are receding. I wonder our local government gives any thought to it or even Central government cares about it. But why blame the state when we the people dont care for our future I think it is time that we start doing something.