29 August 2005

Gallery of Himachal from www.TREKEARTH.com

Photo by Amol Herlekar If there is a single doubt in anyone's mind in the beauty of my dear Himachal Pradesh then I dare them to visit this website: http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/India/North/Himachal_Pradesh/ and have a look at the photographs posted by various trekkers/photographers. You would be amazed to see the first hand account of my place/people and its beauty. As they say "a picture is more than thousand words", each and every single picture is breath taking and is just like you are visiting the place itself. And those who belongs to this beautiful land and live far away, I am sure would have tons of thoughts and would think a lot....for what they are missing! I don't want to be a philosopher so lets come to the point, It would be waste of your and my time if I would say more and more so better visit the website and have a look yourself.


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