18 December 2004

Para/hang Gliding in Himachal

http://www.pg-himachal.net/ www.paraglidingindia.net For those who don't know Billing India yet, it is considered by lot of pilots as being one of the best and safest flying sites in the world. Billing take-off is at an altitude of 2420 m ASL,1 000m AGL, making it a very easy-to-fly site.In Indian Himalayas conditions are superb for XC. Cloud bases up to 6000m, clear air space for miles, and incredible view of the highest mountain range on earth. Mix this with the friendliness and hospitality of the local people, and you have all the ingredients for an amazing paragliding trip . Not to mention an amazingly rich culture. Kullu and Kangra Valleys are similarly landscaped to the Alps but on a higher and bigger scale. There is unlimited potential for XC and out and returns. Cloud base can range from 2500m to 6000m, with the tree-line at 3200m. Thermals tend to range from 2-10 m/s. There are many spectacular peaks over 5000m.


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